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Renfrew Park Community Centre Dog Training

Thanks for signing up for one of our classes.

I’m excited to be part of your dog’s learning journey! Using science-based positive reinforcement, you and your dog will develop a deeper connection, and learn the skills to navigate the world together – safely and confidently.

This page covers the essentials for class.  Lingering questions? Reach out to or 778-980-5124.

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Important tasks before class

Take some time to read over before our first class.

1. Complete the intake form and tell me about you and your dog. This is super-duper important.

  • Doggie vaccine info: protects all of the dogs in class.

  • Contact information: lets me send you class handouts. (Renfrew Park Community Centre can’t give me your personal information directly, due to privacy laws.)

  • All the rest: so I can get to know you!

2. Curious about me? Learn more about your trainer, Kaeli Grotz KPA CTP here.

Class location

Important: Classes are off-site on 29th Ave, not at the Renfrew Park Community Centre building.

  • Driving: There is free 2-hour parking along 29th Ave eastbound in front of the venue, but open spots are limited, especially in summer. Look for additional parking on Duchess St and alleys on the south side of the park.

  • Transit: If your pup is small enough to fit in a permitted carrier, there is a bus loop and the 29th Ave Skytrain station on the same block as Slocan Hall.

Fluff in the Forest Training in Progress Sign.jpg

Look for our friendly sign at the park field house.

Public washrooms are on the exterior of the building, including a wheelchair accessible stall; cleanliness levels vary.

Indoors: We clean the floors using a veterinary virucidal, bactericidal disinfectant (activated hydrogen peroxide product) to protect pups who aren’t yet fully vaccinated.


Outdoors (weather permitting): There is a covered concrete outdoor space, as well as grass fields. This is not an off-leash area, so dogs must be on leash at all times.

What to bring

Please bring the following to class with you:

  • Your dog, bladder empty and slightly hungry*

  • 2+ types of treats, A LOT, cut into pea-sized pieces**

  • A standard 6-foot leash

  • A well-fitted harness

  • A towel, mat or portable bed for your dog to settle on

  • A chew, or stuffed Kong/Toppl for break time

  • A water bowl

  • Weather-appropriate clothing for you (layers!)


  • A treat pouch

  • A non-retractable long line leash for recall practice

Please don't wear perfume or cologne to class for the comfort of those sensitive to scents (including your dog and your trainer).

*If your dog typically eats within an hour of class time, feed a half portion and bring the remainder with you.

** There are many other treat delivery options if arm/hand mobility makes it harder for you to handle small pieces of food. Feel free to ask!

Strictly prohibited:

  • Choke, prong or shock collars, and other aversive equipment.

When you arrive

A classroom full of other dogs is very distracting.

  • Keep your dog on leash.

  • Give them a pee/poop break right before class.

  • Maintain physical distance from classmates.

  • Come inside and get settled.

  • Reward your dog for any calmer behaviour and for looking at you.

  • Use high value snacks; the squishier and stinkier, the better!

It’s very normal that your dog may be less focused than they usually are at home. Guide them with your voice or have them follow a treat.

If your dog seems overwhelmed, let them sniff and approach at their own pace.​

Green dog background.jpg

Get ready to have fun with your dog!

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