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Group Classes

Build new skills in a supportive environment

Focused dog loose leash walking in the city - North Vancouver - Fluff in the Forest Dog Tr

Group Classes

Basic manners for confident dogs.

A fun way to learn practical skills for you and your dog.

Need help choosing the best class for your pup? Send us a message.

Are group classes a good fit for your dog? Book a chat to discuss their needs.

Recall and Leash Skills Class

Improve your daily adventures with your dog. Teach your dog to walk politely on leash. Find out how to get them to come when you call, despite all the exciting things in the world.

This class is suitable for dogs 4 months and older at the first class, with a minimum of two sets of vaccinations. They must have been in your home for at least one week. 

If your dog is fearful, or barks uncontrollably around other dogs, private training is a better option.

These classes are hosted through Renfrew Park Community Centre (at their Slocan Hall location) - please book directly through the Vancouver Parks website.

Contact us to be notified of classes later in the year.

Renfrew Park Community Centre (Slocan Hall)

No classes scheduled for Winter/Spring 2024

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Well-behaved dogs outdoors - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

Group Classes

  • Overview of basic skills and concepts

  • Common behaviour challenges

  • Built-in distractions (other pups!)

  • Group learning

  • Good for dogs who can adapt easily to new situations

Anxious reactive dog sitting in tall grass - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

Private Training

  • Customized to your goals

  • Address specific challenges

  • Progress at your dog's pace

  • In your home, a local park, or online

  • Great for everyone, especially dogs with loud voices or big feelings

Private Training

Need more help?

Custom support for your dog's big feelings.

Shy. Fearful. Anxious. Reactive. Aggressive. 

Humans use these to describe a lot of different behaviours, so we're hesitant to generalize based on just a label, but group classes may not be the best option for dogs who are very uncomfortable with new situations, other dogs and people.


Intense exposure will likely not help them "get used to it". In fact, putting your dog in an stressful situation that they cannot escape from can make things worse. We'd be happy to help them feel more comfortable at their own pace with a personalized training plan instead.

Having trouble deciding between group classes or private training? Send us a message or book a chat to discuss the best fit for you and your dog.

Private Training
Dog Recall on North Vancouver Hike - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

Jump into a new life with your dog!

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