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Positive reinforcement training with treats - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

We help you live in the city with your adventure dog

Humane training in Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver

Enjoy the freedom of a calm, focused dog.

Trusted family member. Polite neighbour. Confident outdoor buddy.

At Fluff in the Forest Dog Training, we want you and your dog to live joyful lives. We're here to help you navigate the world together, whether you're on a grand adventure or having daily struggles with leashes, noises and distractions.


Cultivate real-life skills with our compassionate, rewards-based training. Teach your dog safe and predictable behaviour. Harness your dog's enthusiasm and celebrate their individuality.


You can attend group classes in the lower Mainland, or receive personalized in-home training in East Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby. Pet parents anywhere in Canada can access virtual live training.

Group Classes

Build your dog's life skills


  • Confident, social dogs

  • 5 months+


  • Zoom + outdoor classes

  • Renfrew Park Community Centre (seasonal)

Private Training

Personalize your progress


  • Unruly or shy dogs

  • All ages


  • In-home or outdoors

  • Online via Zoom

Dog in a harness running on North Vancouver Trail - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

Your training journey begins here!

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