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Positive reinforcement training with treats - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

We help you live in the city with your adventure dog

Humane training in Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver

Enjoy the freedom of a calm, focused dog.

We're here for dogs with big feelings and overwhelmed pet parents.

Fluff in the Forest Dog Training provides personalized support with your dog's behaviour challenges, such as barking, pulling on leash, chasing, or jumping up. We'll come to your home or another comfortable space of your choice, in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby & New Westminster.

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We teach you to prevent unwanted behaviours and use your dog's favourite things - like food and play - to help them make better choices. Motivate your unruly pup to focus around distractions, or show your nervous dog that things aren’t so scary after all.

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Solutions based on evidence

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to cultivate your dog's best behaviour. As certified force-free professionals, we help you prevent unwanted behaviour AND protect your dog’s wellbeing. We get nerdy about canine behaviour – you get practical solutions.

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Support for your dog

Our busy human world is difficult for many dogs. Leashes. Noise. Small spaces. Insufficient outlets for their natural doggy behaviours. This can lead to stress, fear or anxiety, or unwanted behaviour like barking, pulling on leash or destructive chewing. We'll help you identify what your dog needs to thrive in their environment.

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Sustainable change for you

Living with an out-of-control furry family member can bring out a lot of big feelings. We’ve been there. Our personalized training plans account for your busy schedule and finite energy capacity. We’ll help you let go of myths and misguided advice, and build a life with your dog that is unique to you.

Dog in a harness running on North Vancouver Trail - Fluff in the Forest Dog Training

Your training journey begins here!

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